About LMI

With successful projects across North America, LMI Systems, Inc. is a trusted, licensed, technical and technology deployment specialist and systems integrator for projects of all sizes.

LMI Has Grown to Be Much More Than An Electrical Contractor

We started as LMI – where LMI stood for Lighting Maintenance, Inc. – but as power and connectivity became more sophisticated so did our business. Today LMI represents Leadership in our industry, Motivation to serve and an Intelligent approach to problem solving. With services spanning eight different disciplines from five virtual firms in-house, we want to be your go-to for anything powered as well as your one neck to choke if problems arise.

LMI has been serving contractors and building owners in Metro Atlanta and across the state since 1962.

Subsequently, we’ve emerged as one of the top full-service electrical contractors and system integrators in the state. During that time, we have also gained national recognition-and developed a project footprint throughout North America.

LMI holds both unrestricted electrical and low-voltage licenses and is registered to do business in all 50 states. LMI also has a legal entity and is registered to do business throughout all providences in Canada. Our culture, knowledge and experience in divisions 26 (electrical), 27 (telecommunications) and 28 (electronic safety and security) make LMI a trusted partner that will assure your projects come in on time and within budget.

Working with a single partner capable of handling the connection and integration from five different scopes of work reduces the time that you have to spend managing multiple contractors and the effort you might otherwise have to put forth worrying that something gets dropped or executed poorly. Let our team of professionals work collaboratively to reduce the finger pointing of multiple contractors and help you rest assured that things will operate as promised.

Take our proposals to the bank.

LMI is renowned for the level of effort we put into our proposals where each line item is detailed so you know precisely what you’re getting. Unlike other contractors, we don’t use averages to compute estimates – so while our proposals may take longer to prepare, the numbers you see are an accurate reflection of the actual that will be billed at completion of project.