Restaurant operators of all sizes—from one location to 5,000—rely on LMI’s quality hardware, networking and infrastructure solutions to improve customer service, enhance visibility into traffic and sales patterns, streamline operations and minimize loss.

Increasing Visibility; Enriching Profits with Technical Deployments for National Restaurant Chains

For restaurants, whether they are fast-food outlets or full-service dining establishments, common challenges include internal theft, inventory waste and deficient customer service. All of these problems can be lessened—and potentially eliminated—with better visibility, data collection and analytics. LMI Systems Inc. works with regional and national chains—from fast food Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) to full service Table Service Restaurants (TSR)—to procure, install and configure the hardware and infrastructure that supports these solutions.

Security: We work closely with clients to select the most cost-effective security equipment for the desired outcome, identify strategic locations to eliminate camera blind spots, and install, connect and configure cameras and video recorders/servers. The result is a turnkey solution that provides actionable insight to management and can support advanced data integration and analytics, if desired.

Wireless Networks: Restaurants require dependable, high-speed Internet connections to transmit order data, process payments, provide connections for staff and customers and gather data for POS and traffic analytics. Our experience in multi-location wireless network setup and deployment, paired with a national team of expert technicians, ensures trouble-free installations and reliable ongoing operation.


Access Control Systems: Increasingly, restauranteurs recognize the value of access control systems (often tied into camera networks) to identify internal theft and prevent external invasion. LMI Systems Inc. works with the most respected names in the industry to help its clients identify and deploy access control monitoring station hardware that is reliable and easy to manage.

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Global Restaurant Chain Boost Efficiency and Customer Service

The fast food industry is incredibly competitive, and operators are always looking for ways to increase production efficiency and make customers feel more “love.” Unfortunately, these two objectives are often not compatible. With the help of LMI, one global quick-serve restaurant operator was able to achieve both goals within a single project.

For the solution, the operator was installing ordering stations at many of its restaurants. These free-standing modules invite customers to walk up and place their order, which is then transmitted to the kitchen. The solution was practical and would require fewer counter attendants—normally the workers who hand the customers their order.

The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) developed a system that would allow employees to deliver orders to the customer, boosting the quality of service and letting former counter attendants stay on the job. That solution is where LMI came in.

For each store, LMI technicians deployed and configured a Bluetooth wireless network, with transceivers embedded in table tents placed on dining room tables. Antennas LMI installed in the ceiling communicate between the ordering station and the table tents, which are assigned a number in one of several “zones” throughout the restaurant.

When a customer places an order, he or she receives a receipt. The Bluetooth-enabled table tent picks up the order number and the system can communicate with the table tents to identify where the customer is sitting. When the order is ready, a smiling employee can deliver the order to the table, hot and ready to eat.

This solution, which two LMI technicians can install and configure in six hours, is rolling out to thousands of locations, and LMI was one of only two vendors authorized to deploy it.