Our install geeks want structured cable to be beautifully, efficiently organized. Our project managers want it to be 100% functional. You reap the benefit of both.

Professional Structured Cabling for Every Wired Technology

Structured cabling—whether for a telephony and paging solution, a data network, or a building-wide CCTV system—is the foundation of any wired technical project. LMI’s certified installation teams are seasoned pros, whether they are pulling wire, installing jacks, or making connections in cabinets and racks.

To brag just a bit, our cable runs are downright beautiful. No matter where the cables go—in the walls, above ceiling tiles, or in floor-to-ceiling support poles, LMI’s structured cable installations are efficiently designed and neatly installed. We do this, not because you will see the cables in daily operation (you won’t), but because you should never have to look at them, period.

Our pros know that while neatness counts, thoroughness-with all connections made correctly and completely, is just as important. They understand that a deficient connection might not cause issues for months, or even years. When it does, the time and expense to trace the problem can be significant.

Whether your project specifications call for an end-to-end solution from Panduit, Ortronics, or any of the many respected, warrantied manufacturers we represent, our certified pros will match the cabling design and execution to your equipment. Then, our project managers will make sure every last cable, jack, cabinet and rack is installed flawlessly to meet its specifications—and they’ll keep you updated on our progress, every step of the way.


Thousands of Feet of Structured Cabling Supports Enhanced Security and Access Control

For firms that process millions of transactions-and must protect massive amounts of sensitive information-security and access control are paramount. LMI Systems, Inc. recently worked with one such organization to install a network of approximately 200 security cameras (indoor and outdoor), 10 access card readers, and numerous turnstiles, x-ray machines and metal detectors.

The cameras and access control equipment were dispersed across the firm’s 14-story office building, resulting in an involved design effort. To minimize the extent of electrical wiring, the LMI team relied on Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras in some areas. Nevertheless, the structured cabling layout was complex and extensive. To prepare for the installation, the LMI team pulled several hundred thousand feet of cabling through the plenum space, installed J-hooks and handled all terminations and labelling, meeting rigorous layout specifications from the client.

To manage the access control functions, LMI configured Lenel OnGuard, which includes a robust alarm monitoring module, plus built-in support for card technologies, biometrics and wireless access control devices. The entire solution is controlled by Ocularis IS, an IP-video surveillance and security platform that includes a full-fledged video management system.