With costs and competitive forces pressuring transportation and logistics firms to outperform, operators depend upon LMI to keep their operations humming. Our customized, advanced solutions deliver, from high-tech networks to security systems and beyond.

With 50+ Years of Transportation and Logistics Expertise, We Have Your Back

Transportation and logistics firms, from shipping companies to warehousers, face significant operational challenges. Escalating costs, technological shifts, competitive pressures and other concerns must all be addressed without eroding profit margins. LMI’s practical, scalable, high-value solutions help overcome these issues, providing advanced, unified solutions that streamline operations and boost bottom lines. Our national footprint and deep expertise enables us to implement those solutions anywhere-even in highly sensitive locations such as shipper facilities at U.S. ports and airports.

We Are a Logistics Company

As a full-service integrator and installation specialist with a national footprint, we “get” logistics like few other firms in our industry. Every day, our project managers deal with logistical issues: warehousing client materials; coordinating equipment deliveries and ensuring personnel handle each task with diligence and care. We bring that experience to every logistics engagement, whether we are deploying a wide-area network for a shipping facility or installing a theft-prevention system in a warehouse.


Networks: LMI designs, installs and configures high-speed, high-bandwidth wired, wireless and cellular networks to support a broad array of connected equipment, from scanning systems for packages to back office and guest networks. Ingenious solutions, such as zoned cellular or Wi-Fi networks and short-range Bluetooth connectivity support an unlimited range of configurations

Security: We design, specify, install and service advanced, high-security solutions, from physical and/or electronic ID and access control to wired and wireless intrusion detection (and remote alerting) with night vision, heat-sensing, and more.

Structured Cabling: We wrote the book on structured cabling, and we routinely design, install and connect complex cabling layouts in buildings of 100,000 square feet or more. Our cabling layouts are efficient and our terminations are perfect, increasing network reliability and dramatically reducing the odds of troubleshooting and outages.

For more information on these and other specialized services for logistics facilities, including audio visual equipment, electrical and managed IT services, please call 770-491-0343 or email info@lmisystemsinc.com.


Wi-Fi Network Upgrades and Optimization Facilitate Package Processing

For shippers, Wi-Fi networks are key pathways through which crucial processing and delivery information flows. When those networks are running over outdated equipment, the pathways become congested, negatively impacting operating efficiency. When one international logistics and shipping firm decided it was time to upgrade its outdated Wi-Fi network infrastructure, it turned to LMI.

For the project, LMI experts would not only replace old network equipment; they would also make recommendations to improve system design, adding or eliminating routers and access points to accurately reflect the operating realities of each location. With thousands of locations-and an aggressive upgrade of 20% of locations per year, the LMI team had no time to waste.

For each engagement, the technical team performs a site survey to map the current equipment and determine whether it is still relevant and useful or should be replaced. From that point, the team plans the network installation and configuration. Because the shipper operates 24 hours a day, the LMI team must work around package sorting operations causing as little disruption as possible. Additionally, because the company has airport-based facilities, the LMI team and its equipment and tools must pass TSA scrutiny.

Despite these challenges, LMI has been meeting or exceeding its customer’s goals since the inception of the project. With the promise of more work to come, each year, based upon LMI teams achieving their customary excellence, the team is proud to continue operating at peak performance.