Managed IT

With our proactive managed IT services, the high-performance network we install for your firm today will provide superior availability and integrity tomorrow and beyond.

Proactive Network Monitoring and Management: Our Continuing Commitment

Networks are the lifeblood of commercial and industrial systems, whether connecting equipment throughout a building or stores dispersed across the country. At LMI, our commitment to network reliability begins with professional design, staging and deployment and lasts for the life of the solution.

Designed to the highest industry standards, our state-of-the-art, secure IT monitoring software proactively monitors network health, deeply probing for possible trouble 24/7 and automatically resolving most concerns before they impact reliability or cause downtime.

When bigger trouble is on the horizon, the team of IT experts in our SOC-certified data center intervenes, assigning a rating to the problem based on severity: Tier 1 for basic troubleshooting, Tier 2 for an escalated ticket to an engineer and Tier 3 requiring a senior engineer and/or manufacturer assistance for trouble resolution. This approach ensures all tickets receive the necessary expertise from the outset-and that the most critical issues are resolved urgently.

Our courteous, proficient Help Desk agents work directly with your personnel via email and phone, providing the on-demand assistance they need to remain functional and productive. In the event of a hardware or system failure, LMI guarantees equipment replacement the very next day!

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