For every hotel, regardless of its “stars,” customer satisfaction is a top priority. LMI’s integrated, high-value solutions run the gamut from security and access control platforms to wireless room automation systems that blanket guests in comfort.

Guests-Focused Solutions that Enhance Your Brand

For large hotel groups—especially those serving high-end clientele—technical solutions must be reliable, functional, and sophisticated. Projects in existing hotels must be handled with finesse and concern for the guest, while those under construction or renovation have a different objective-sweeping scale with speed and efficiency.

Few contractors have the breadth and depth to handle both types of projects from initiation to completion, yet LMI’s project management and installation teams are trained to do just that. We also work on multiple project types concurrently, from lighting and electrical to security and access control; audio visual systems for conference and event facilities to Wi-Fi networks for guests.

In situations where an existing hotel is undergoing a partial renovation, we can even assist with two “lifecycle phases” at once. For example, courteous, neatly dressed LMI technicians can be unobtrusively installing new lighting in guest and public areas, while concurrently, construction teams are quickly running conduit, pulling high-speed cable, and performing other rough-in work for renovations in closed areas.


Guest and Staff Area Lighting: From ensuring hallways, spas, and other guest areas are softly but efficiently illuminated to providing low-heat, high-lumen lamps for kitchens and other busy, operating areas, LMI can custom design, stage and install solutions tailored to a specific need. We can also incorporate efficiency and ROI-boosting smart controls and sensors that manage lighting based upon occupancy, operating schedules and more.

Network Deployments: LMI designs, configures and supports advanced networks that provide secure, high-speed wireless-from the guest room to the grounds-concurrent with segregated, secure connections for back-office operations.

Audio Visual: From auditorium lighting and sound to video walls in lobbies, there is virtually no audio-visual solution that LMI has not designed and installed to our hotel client’s precise specifications.

Security: To keep guests and staff safe without compromising operating flexibility, LMI installs and configures key-card access systems, retina and fingerprint scanners, security cameras, monitoring stations and more.

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Boutique Hotel Is “Dressed to Impress” with Power Management Assistance from LMI

For small, high-end hotels, impressions are everything. Lacking the grand ballrooms and sweeping spaces of large luxury resorts, boutique hotels rely on their intimate atmosphere-and wealth of amenities. For a five-star hotel in an historic Southern city, part of that atmosphere was designed and brought to life by LMI.

Atmospheric lighting has long been common in guest rooms and public spaces, but the evolution of power management has expanded the range of mood-enhancing functions dramatically. For this project, LMI designed a solution where a power management module would wirelessly control a variety of guest room features, including blackout and decorative curtains, lamps, wall and ceiling fixtures, and the thermostat, all of which connected to a central controller via specialized modules.

Guests adjust these components to suit their taste via each guest room’s television-or a provided tablet, switches on the wall, or the guest’s own mobile phone. In addition, a centralized controller shows hotel management the status of all rooms-and hands over control, letting staff turn off lights and lower the thermostat when a guest checks out, for example. When housekeeping performs morning make up or evening turndown service, the controller makes it easy to set the right mood.

For the solution, LMI programs all the equipment at its headquarters and packages it, room by room, shipping it to the facility before the installation date. Onsite, a project manager and his technicians install and configure the system, with each room taking a few hours to complete. The system is also highly self-sufficient. System upgrades are pushed out quickly, with no technical intervention, and hotel staff can easily configure new equipment, on the spot, if any element is damaged or lost.