From microcells to 4G networks with hundreds of nodes, private, secure cellular networks are on the frontline of business connectivity. LMI is there, too.

Cellular Network Solutions for Every Location and Need

With cellular device penetration in the U.S. at more than 80 percent, cellular signals inside offices and other indoor facilities are a requisite for most companies. Not only are cellular communications important for mobile device users but cellular networks are also providing backup coverage for VoIP office systems. LMI is answering the call, providing innovative cellular solutions to meet a broad array of business and operating needs. LMI’s cellular solutions include:

Backhaul: Using specialized technology, cellular signals are transferred to and/or from wirelines—such as Ethernet networks—extending the range of communications that can be transmitted and the variety of devices that can send and receive them.

Cellular Backup: LMI technicians install specialized routers that enable the cellular network to become a backup telephony provider in the event that the primary service goes down, enabling calls to continue being sent from, and received through, the office’s phone system.

Reamplification: When the cellular service inside a building is inadequate due to building materials or proximity to a cell tower, LMI can install signal-boosting equipment outside the building that picks up the cellular signal and amplifies it before sending it into the building to panel and cone antennas. LMI has successfully reamplified signals to very large buildings of more than 100,000 square feet.

Wide-Area Networks: Specialized equipment creates dedicated cellular networks in areas that lack traditional service, or where secure cellular connections are necessary among a specific group.

These solutions illustrate LMI’s expertise and imaginative approach, but they represent only a sample of the cutting-edge solutions we and our equipment partners can design and deliver.


An Entertainment Studio Makes Cellular a Priority

For a large entertainment studio in Atlanta, cellular coverage inside the facility wasn’t optional. Yet, the buildings the company was using for its studio and offices were effectively cellular dead zones. LMI used an inventive approach—reamplification—to give the studio—and the major production company that was leasing space—crystal-clear service on every network.

With reamplification, a specialized device-a Yagi antenna-picks up the cellular signals from existing towers outside of a building and transfers them to a signal booster, which sends them into the building across a Wi-Fi network. To deploy this solution for the studio and its adjacent offices, LMI technicians first took cellular signal meter readings inside and out to determine and where cellular signals were weakest and strongest.

Next, they identified the locations that would best allow the Yagi devices to pick up and amplify the signal, as well as the pathways and mounting locations for transferring the signal into the offices and studio. With just two Yagi antennae, LMI was able to provide cellular coverage to all three floors of the office building and the 100,000 square-foot film and television studio. The entire installation and configuration effort took only a few days.