Where absolute physical security is a requirement, LMI outperforms. From biometric access control to CCTV systems—three cameras to 3,000—our experts are your guardians.

State-of-the-Art Security to Safeguard Your Business—and Its Assets

Access control and security are the front line in defending your physical locations, but finding and selecting the right combination of equipment requires more than just hanging a video camera or installing an intrusion alarm.

The professionals at LMI work with your businesses to identify your objectives and establish the boundaries you need to protect. They can identify, configure and install the right integrated security system, tailored to your requirements and far more robust than any off-the-shelf solution other firms “recommend.”

Today’s access control systems can incorporate a combination of three distinct identifiers to maximize security:

  • Something you have – Typical access control systems are operated with a card key or key fob.
  • Something you know – An additional layer of security can require users to also enter a password or user ID.
  • Something you are – Increasingly, business systems employ biometrics-an access control marker unique to the individual, like a finger or palm print-or even a retina scan.

Beyond Fundamental Security

Reducing Loss and Liability: Video surveillance and CCTV can do much more than keep unsavory individuals at bay. Appropriately placed cameras can help protect inventory from sticky-fingered staff, monitor public venues and arenas for inappropriate activity, and document events in publicly accessible areas to help defend against slip and fall accidents.

Targeting Surveillance: When triggered by an intrusion event, a monitored alarm system can signal a camera to capture an image or redirect surveillance to a target “area of concern.”

Protecting Staff and Customers: LMI systems can even help an injured or disabled individual solicit assistance. From wall-installed pull stations and wireless alert pendants to complete nurse and emergency response systems for hospitals, nursing homes or senior living centers, LMI covers everyone.


LMI Solution Helps Police Solve Burglary-at Its Headquarters

It’s not often that a security company gets a chance to test out its products, first-hand, but that’s what happened when a break-in occurred at LMI’s Georgia facility. As one of the top security integrators in the Southeast, LMI understands the value of a quality security system. A 31-camera system with high-definition video provides blanket security coverage for LMI’s 61,000 square-foot facility and its parking lots. The set-up is run by OnSSI’s Ocularis 5 Enterprise Video Management System (VMS), which features on-demand viewing of footage that is quickly identified through a thumbnail search feature.

When the LMI building was burglarized by a pair of suspects, the system was ready for them. Although the perpetrators stole approximately $25,000 worth of personal items and equipment, the 3-megapixel Sony cameras installed at the facility grabbed crystal-clear images of the suspects and their vehicle, and the VMS provided LMI with instant access to video of the break-in. Thanks to the Ocularis technology, law enforcement used the footage to make a traffic stop and an arrest just a few days later. The other four companies the assailants had targeted were not as lucky. They didn’t use LMI for their security solution.