Laying a solid foundation is crucial to the success and operating efficiency of high- and low-voltage projects. LMI’s construction teams perform.

Turnkey Electrical, Data and Low-Voltage Buildouts for Every Need

With commercial and industrial systems, what is behind the walls is as important as what customers and employees see. To achieve maximum operating reliability and efficiency, every component, housing and raceway, from breaker boxes, conduit and underground cabling to stairwell lighting trim and cubicle outlets, must be expertly installed. As one of the foremost electrical systems integrators in the U.S., LMI gives contractors 100% confidence in that outcome.

From day one, a dedicated project manager works proactively with the contractor and staff to specify equipment that meets budgets, applicable codes, and customer requirements. From estimating based on the project description and bidding from construction documents to developing the equipment package and completion plan, every step is focused on making contractors look good to their clients.

During construction, a certified, highly skilled and trained foreman oversees every aspect of each task, ensuring that all activities are conducted within the project scope—and to the highest possible levels of safety and quality.