Quality Control

For every project, quality is our client’s paramount concern—and LMI’s bottom-line commitment. Our targeted quality control program tracks, supports and verifies superior outcomes, every step of the way.

Quality Control from Start to Finish. And We Can Prove It.

We can provide examples of our job efficiency, productivity, oversight and follow-through all day long, but if the end result isn’t quality that meets expectations, we have failed in our mission—and our promise to the client. To promote this outcome, we have developed an entire framework specifically to dedicated to quality on every job. We call it the LMI Excellence System, and it begins with thorough employee onboarding and extensive quality training, runs through estimating, scheduling, installation, and oversight, and ends with a satisfied customer.

For every LMI engagement, a dedicated field supervisor is assigned to oversee and assure project quality. Acting as a link between the job foreman and the overall project manager, the LMI field supervisor acts as a third set of eyes that are not tied to project goals, deadlines, or other constraints. Designated quality leaders perform independent checks, such as comparing architect drawings, engineer specifications and applicable codes to the project documents and completion plans LMI has developed internally. Over multiple site visits, their role is to ensure that LMI’s work-and its quality-matches the specifications provided by the client’s design and engineering teams.

This oversight also extends to quality control of any client-requested changes, scope increases or decrease, or other project adjustments. Our framework is designed with multiple checks to ensure the project not only meets the quality standards of the initial plans, but also that the final outcome maintains the desired level of quality, no matter how many change orders we receive.