For one retail store or 500; from a basic wireless network to a sophisticated loss prevention platform, LMI’s expert technicians handle every aspect of installation and configuration neatly, proficiently and courteously.

Quality and Consistency Without Compromise for Even the Largest National Retailers

LMI Systems Inc. has extensive experience working with retail outlets, and we specialize in very large retailers where details must be coordinated precisely for 500 stores or more. Over several decades, we have fine-tuned a standardized, repeatable process for national deployments that ensures project consistency and excellence. We also have a formalized communications approach that gives all stakeholders, from executive leadership to store management, a single point of contact to answer questions, address concerns and keep important information flowing.

From the initial site visit to cable drops, subsequent connectivity checks and beyond, designated, expert technicians professionally and proficiently handle every aspect of installing and configuring the hardware and infrastructure needed to power wireless networks, loss prevention platforms, unified communications systems and more.

Network Deployments: High-speed wireless and wired networks provide the communications channel for everything from cash registers and point of sale systems to employee timeclocks and more. Few vendors in the market today have more experience or competency with infrastructure cabling, routers and other networking equipment than LMI.


Unified Communications: For large, big-box retail operations in particular, unified communications with “presence” (locator) capabilities can facilitate better customer service while reducing telecommunications expense and increasing employee satisfaction. LMI has a targeted design and deployment plan for unified communications that ensures the final solution reflects the needs of both the location and the specific user profiles.

Video Surveillance Systems: Surveillance has become an essential component of retail store infrastructure, providing support for loss prevention programs, store security, traffic analytics, consumer experience initiatives and more. LMI maintains strong partnerships with market-leading vendors and has the expertise to help select, specify and procure the most suitable equipment for each retailer’s needs in advance of our expert installations.

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Reliable Wireless Connectivity for a National Automotive Retailer

For retailers, wireless connectivity is becoming a requirement. For automotive parts retailers, who carry thousands of items-and track and catalog them on networked systems-it is critical. Yet, many have not yet added the “guest Wi-Fi” networks that are becoming a customer preference-and that must be segregated from the main operating network.

When a national automotive retailer with nearly 1,000 locations wanted to add guest Wi-Fi quickly, LMI performed a Wi-Fi deployment “blitz.” In just six weeks, company personnel created a guest networks installation “roadmap,” and techs dispersed around the country installed and configured the equipment at every location.

Prior to the installation, LMI personnel spent two weeks developing a workable schedule. With the customer-provided site list, as well as its preferred daily start and stop times, team members mapped the locations to determine proximity. They then grouped the sites and identified how many technicians they needed to meet the schedule. From there, they built a schedule that worked with the customer-specified “work periods.”

On the first day of installations, LMI technicians were standing by. They moved from site to site in a highly efficient order, unboxing, installing and configuring several networks per day. The installation was completed with virtually no inconvenience to the retailer’s customers. Instead, they simply walked into their local store one day and discovered that the guest network they wished for had magically appeared.