More than 50 years ago, LMI built its reputation for quality, consistency and efficiency in electrical project performance. Today, it’s a cornerstone of our business.

Your Electrical Experts from Construction to Opening Day and Beyond

For commercial and industrial contractors—especially on large or complex projects—electrical can be an enormous question mark. They may work with multiple firms, or have their job “pieced” out by their electrical contractor. LMI uncomplicates the process, providing turnkey electrical services with unified, highly certified teams—and a single point of accountability—for projects of every size and scope.

From the point where the electrical feed enters a building to power drops at an unlimited number of locations throughout the building, LMI can handle every aspect of electrical provisioning based on customer requirements and expectations.

We work with contractors to evaluate and bid on the job, handle all preliminary construction for electrical systems-including providing any power we need on-site. Then, we manage the rough-in and finish phases—down to the last detail when the power is turned on. We also specialize in underground work, such as parking lot lighting, even providing all the trenching and excavation expertise.

From wiring a basic steel building to powering a data center; building out tenant spaces in a strip shopping center to adding stair lighting for a five-star hotel; we handle it all. We can also install and configure low-voltage lighting and equipment as part of the same project!

Every job is performed on the customer-approved schedule and completion plan, with a dedicated project manager to confirm all work goes smoothly—and the end product is exactly what the customer envisioned. For local-area clients, we also provide ongoing and on-demand electrical service.


Enhancing Safety with Energy-Efficient Lighting

LMI helps fire stations protect those who serve the community.

Fire Station

First responders frequently put their lives on the line, leaving thoughts of all else behind. Yet, a rash of vehicle break-ins in Atlanta-area fire stations parking lots was putting the property of firemen and other fire workers—and potentially their safety—at risk.

Station Captains wondered, “What is the fastest, most cost-effective way to increase safety and deter the thefts?”

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