Automotive Dealers

LMI’s quality-focused project managers and technicians help automotive dealers close more deals and better protect their inventory with highly functional wireless and wired networking, security and lighting solutions.

Communication and Security for Automotive Operations, on the Lot and Around the Clock

For automotive dealers, whether on the lot or at the auction, communication is central to streamlining operations-and security is vital to protecting the business and its inventory. LMI Systems, Inc. has worked with national new and used-car dealerships and auction houses, providing innovative solutions that facilitate both.

From Wi-Fi “mesh” networks that cover entire parking lots without running a single piece of wire or conduit, to lighting systems, camera networks, and access-control solutions that provide watchful protection for vehicles and people, LMI’s solutions are targeted to meet the needs of the automotive sales industry.

Our competency designing, installing, and configuring equipment from leading providers-using single-line or mixed-vendor equipment- puts us heads above our competition. The customer service with which our pros support our projects keeps our clients delighted.


Network Deployments: Automotive dealers can no longer meet aggressive goals with cumbersome, outdated sales and communication methods. LMI specializes in designing, installing, configuring and monitoring high-speed wireless and wired networks. Our solutions seamlessly connect salesmen on the lot with back-office sales and inventory systems-for a single dealership or among multiple locations under the same umbrella.

Lighting Solutions: LMI is recognized for its expertise using innovative technologies to reduce customer overhead and increase operating efficiency. This experience shines with our lighting solutions, where we incorporate the latest technologies such as solar-powered night lights and LED lamps. In many situations, the energy savings compared to outdated lighting systems can be great enough to pay for new fixtures and installation within a few years.

Security and Video Surveillance: Keeping tabs on an entire parking lot filled with expensive merchandise is challenging, but with LMI’s guidance, owners of automotive operations gain true peace of mind. Video surveillance systems with wired or wireless cameras can send alerts and camera footage across the lot or around the globe. Hyper-secure access control systems ensure the only people coming and going at a dealership are authorized to be there.

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Inventive Wi-Fi Solution Helps Close Deals, on the Spot

For auto salesmen, closing a car sale has traditionally involved bringing clients into the dealership sales office and pitching the sale. For a national used-car dealership, LMI Systems, Inc. developed an ingenious way to close deals more quickly and easily-on the lot, while the purchaser was still filled with excitement about the vehicle.

The LMI team designed, installed and configured a parking-lot-wide Wi-Fi network interconnecting multiple low-power network nodes and connected via a mesh network. A single, central router in dealership building sends and receives data to and from the mesh network, which can distribute it to laptops, tablets, IP security cameras, scan guns and other devices, as well as transmit it back to the dealership’s corporate network.

Salesmen traverse the lot with tablets, and when they make a sale, they can close the deal while the purchaser is at the vehicle, with all credit processing, authorizations, and paperwork submission completed on the spot. As a bonus, the network access points (APs) were installed on the lot’s lighting poles and connected to pole-mounted solar panels. They run off solar energy collected during the day that is also used to power the pole lights at night.