Envysion helps Chipotle increase profits, streamline operations and optimize the customer experience.

Despite the fact that Chipotle Mexican Grill has over 1,890 locations, 50,000 employees, and a loss prevention team of only 6 people, the restaurant chain’s profit margins are still among the highest in the industry. But Chipotle has built its reputation doing things their own way, using high-quality ingredients grown and raised with respect for the animals, land and farmers who produce the food.

Aligning unique values with innovative technology
Given Chipotle’s consistently unique approach to their industry, it’s no surprise that Tim Spong, Executive Director of Safety, Security & Risk for Chipotle, took an innovative path when it came to updating their existing in-store video solution. “Before we went to Envysion in early 2007, our restaurants had VCRs and DVRS, which were difficult to access and didn’t have our POS data incorporated with the video. We went to Envysion because this solution marries video to POS and analytical reports, and this enables us to audit restaurants remotely with dramatically increased efficiency in terms of the audit program. Additionally, we use Envysion because it is so easily accessible and user friendly to do throughput audits, HR investigations, support for Facilities and respond to customer incidents and customer comments. Chipotle relies on Envysion.”

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