For data analytics and digital advertising firm Cardlytics, a reliable network and well-secured office are mandates. Yet, when the company decided to relocate to Atlanta’s historic Sears building—being revitalized as the Ponce City Market—its objectives for the build-out of the network and an access control system with security cameras made the project a challenge.

Cardlytics wanted an open office layout for its 300+ employee workstations, with none of the traditional “cubicles” separating workers. This plan necessitated creative thinking, since the historic building offered soaring, open spaces with few walls—and workstations would have no dividers. For access control, Cardlytics sought to have multiple authorized employees provide access approval from their desks, a solution that is normally complex and expensive. LMI Systems, Inc. helped Cardlytics solve both conundrums, installing more than 300,000 feet of cabling in record time, in the process.

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