Camera PairFor firms that process millions of transactions and are responsible for protecting huge amounts of sensitive information, security and access control are paramount. LMI Systems, Inc. recently worked with one such organization to install a network of approximately 200 security cameras and multiple access control devices throughout the firm’s 14-story office building. The extensive project began in 2014 and continued through most of 2015.

Project Scope and Challenges

For the effort, LMI installed several hundred thousand feet of cabling, meeting rigorous specifications from the customer regarding layout. From the pulling of the cable through the plenum space, to the J-hook installation, terminations and labelling, LMI met or exceeded all customer expectations.

LMI also installed cameras on every floor and installed and configured an external network of cameras that covers the entire property. All of the cameras were manufactured by Axis, one of LMI’s vendor partners, but each was perfectly matched, in terms of features and functionality, to the specific need. (For more about the camera systems, see Lights, Camera, Action! later in this case study.)

For the access control system, LMI recommended a Lenel system with an average of 10 card readers per floor. To ensure physical security, the project also incorporated a number of turnstiles, plus x-ray machines and a metal detector. The system’s software is Lenel OnGuard, a feature-rich access control application that includes a robust alarm monitoring module, plus built-in support for card technologies, biometrics and wireless access control devices.

The entire solution is controlled by Ocularis IS, an IP-video surveillance and security platform that includes a full-fledged video management system (VMS) combined with comprehensive physical security information management (PSIM) functionality. Ocularis IS provides:

  • Integration and coordination of integrated physical security, content analytic and other detection systems;
  • Full VMS functionality with centralized management of cameras, connected devices, recording servers;
  • Redundant servers at multiple sites;
  • Centralized event, end-user rights and video recording and distribution management.

The solution as a whole will ensure the financial transaction processor has fortress-like access control. Security team members will be able to see and grant or deny entry, remotely, to individuals wishing to access the building at any entrance point.

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