Southside Riders Association

In September, over 400 motorcyclists came together to support the Ronald McDonald House by collecting over 10,000 pop-top can tabs. Every year, these tabs are recycled and exchanged for money that supports families with a home-away-from-home while their little loved ones are in the hospital receiving treatments.

Our very own David Snipes has been a part of this event for the past 17 years, supporting kids and their families. While families may travel hundreds of miles for their children to receive treatment, which is already expensive, paying for hotels while their children are in the hospital can be a huge burden. The Ronald McDonald house strives to provide a comfortable place for temporary residence, so the families can eat, sleep and find support from other families in similar situations.

TabsThe Southside Riders Association Tab Run is the second largest motorcycle ride in Georgia. The 95-mile ride is escorted by police from Griffin to Southwest Georgia. At the end of the Tab Run ride, awards are presented to the riders who collected the most tabs.

Each year, the event gets bigger and bigger. In 1999, the first-ever ride collected only 194 pounds of tabs from just 18 participants. Now, the ride collects over 4,000 pounds of tabs from over 1,000 participants.

Annual Tab Run