GSU completed a campus-wide renovation on all analog cameras in current dormitories. All structures were installed with the new IP based cameras, provided by SONY. By moving the entire university grounds to one VMS platform, campus police are able to access every camera on the estate, on one network. Providing GSU top-notch technology to set them up for the future, while balancing practical application needs, were just a few reasons for LMI choosing SONY as the camera provider for this project.


To give campus security the best picture quality possible, this fixed indoor camera, the SONY SNC-DH110T, was the obvious choice. This camera was perfect for the ceiling mounted spaces in each dormitory, while also allowing the security
team to stream the video feed to dual locations and switch between day and night functions.

For the remaining indoor spaces, the SONY SNC-XM631 camera model seemed to be the best fit. This model is used for wall or ceiling mounted spaces with an extremely wide dynamic range and has the ability to use video analytics for face detection and object removal capabilities. Securing a dormitory atmosphere requires flexibility and precision on the hardware/software side to ensure the building and its residents stay safe during all hours of the day.

To cover the outdoor spaces, LMI considered several factors, such as higher speeds of movement, light variances, and the ability to remotely change the camera view. SONY’s SNC-XM632, full HD outdoor, vandal resistant mini-dome camera, was the superior choice here. Not only is this camera price conscious for the end user, but it is able to clearly capture objects under very harsh environmental conditions, such as severe backlight. This model also has a built-in image stabilizer to minimize the effect of camera shake for less blurry images.

All in all, not only did SONY camera’s best fit the needs of GSU for this campus-wide project, but the cameras themselves are of superior quality, reasonable affordability and availability. These cameras also have a low failure rate among technicians and were easy to install. Lastly, the SONY camera models used for GSU were all ONVIF compliant. Meaning they were designed with a protocol to ensure they are universally compatible with the most commonly used Video Management System software available. When the security team at GSU was ready to go live, there were very little delays due to the interoperability between the video management system and the manufactures equipment.

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