When LMI Systems, Inc. opened its doors, more than 50 years ago, our technicians were serving the metro Atlanta area as a regional electrical contractor.

LMI old logo vanAs the years passed, Atlantans grew accustom to seeing our bright white vans clearly marked with the original LMI logo
on the street. These vans served as the place of business for our outside field technicians, the ever-important customer facing component of our firm.

Today our competencies as well as our service areas have expanded to include a nation-wide, full-service technology integration and installation firm. As we’ve gained more expertise in electrical, network, audio visual, security and communications equipment, the graphics on our vans have been upgraded to better reflect our business. Most recently we’ve affixed a new service map to the rear panel helping to illustrate for customers and the community the breadth of our service area.

Van RearVan Side View