How will you react from a Ransomware attack?

Our monitoring and security systems began throwing RED alerts. Within minutes the LMI Tech Systems Managed Services team, led by our Senior Project Engineer, George Copeland confirmed our worst fears. We were amid a massive Ransomware attack. Remotely, we shut down all servers and internet access.

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Educational Facility Surveillance Promotes Student and Faculty Safety

With acts of violence on campuses and in school buildings on the rise, educational institutions are seeking more effective ways to monitor activities and pinpoint suspicious individuals. In the pursuit of these goals, surveillance systems have become a primary line of defense, allowing educational institutions to identify and stop questionable [...]

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Video Surveillance, Management and Analytics: Retail’s Latest “Must Have” Accessories

Although advanced video surveillance is fast becoming standard in industries ranging from education and healthcare to utilities and transportation, one market where highly sophisticated platforms are seeing strong adoption is retail. Not only do “brick and mortar” (physical) retail locations require a safe shopping environment, but merchants are realizing they [...]

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Security Cameras: Meeting the Visibility Challenge of Large Facilities

Very large facilities, from school campuses and corporate offices to plants and large retail establishments, face a visibility challenge due to their sheer sizes. Staff cannot be everywhere within the facility, making it more likely for intruders to penetrate the perimeter—or for other problems to occur undetected. An increasingly practical [...]

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Decades of Service on Wheels

When LMI Systems, Inc. opened its doors, more than 50 years ago, our technicians were serving the metro Atlanta area as a regional electrical contractor. As the years passed, Atlantans grew accustom to seeing our bright white vans clearly marked with the original LMI logo on the street. These vans [...]

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Helping a National Restaurant Group Achieve Measurable Profit Gains

When Chipotle first began seeking a solution for minimizing employee theft while simultaneously increasing efficiency and optimizing the customer’s experience, the national restaurant chain’s search brought them to LMI partner Envysion. Chipotle’s legacy system was composed of VCRs and DVRs, none of which were tied into store point of sale [...]

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Resolving the Challenge of 24/7 Network Access, Security and Performance for Distributed Operations

From multi-location enterprises to schools dispersed across multiple buildings and campuses, the challenge of achieving rapid-fire collaboration, communication and data exchange between both external partners and internal personnel is expanding. As network traffic increases, data throughput and information flow can be greatly diminished if network equipment and systems aren't highly [...]

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What’s the Big Deal about the Newest Wi-Fi Protocol?

Wi-Fi standards, the development of which is managed and ratified by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) have changed significantly over the years. From 802.11-1997, the first “official” Wi-Fi protocol, to the most recent release, 802.11ac, Wi-Fi technology has enabled networks to become faster and more reliable with [...]

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