When LMI was founded as an electrical contractor more than 50 years ago, none of its leaders or personnel could have envisioned what it has become today. As of July, our business has nearly exceeded the forecasts for the entire year. This boom in business growth has enabled us to hire seven additional managers and project professionals. It’s an exciting time to be part of the LMI family, and we want to thank the many dedicated employees, quality vendor-partners and appreciative customers that have supported our progress.

Our original company— Lighting Maintenance, Inc.—was led by professionals with drive, motivation and an intelligent approach to problem solving. They knew that doing a top-quality job with attention to detail and a focus on customer satisfaction would always create value in the market, and they were right.

In the ensuing decades, LMI’s business model expanded along with technology, as we moved into audio-visual, networking, security, telecommunications and, last but not least, managed IT services. We gained the ability to service our customers in all the key electronic and technological disciplines that support organizations and drive their success, today. Along with our growing portfolio of services, our reach expanded, and we became experts at handling multi-location deployments that stretch across the entirety of North America.

This year, we were amply rewarded for our efforts and our expertise with business growth that surpassed even our expectations. A single partner capable of handling the connection and integration from five different scopes of work is a valuable resource, and our customers have shown their appreciation by giving us their projects, time after time.

This repeat business, and the referrals that grow out of it, aren’t solely based on our work product. Once our customers come to know us, they see that we are more than a collection of quality-focused professionals.

We are a family of people proud of what we do who enjoy working together in a highly collaborative, connected environment. LMI is a great place to work. It is filled with a growing team of enthusiastic, dedicated and truly likeable people that give both our company and our projects a positive energy. This atmosphere is so strong, it’s almost electric.

Thanks to everyone who has “powered” our growth and success.