How will you react from a Ransomware attack?

Our monitoring and security systems began throwing RED alerts. Within minutes the LMI Tech Systems Managed Services team, led by our Senior Project Engineer, George Copeland confirmed our worst fears. We were amid a massive Ransomware attack. Remotely, we shut down all servers and internet access.

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New Flowery Branch City Hall could be finished by year’s end

Dec. 5, 2017 - Gainesville Times | By Jeff Gill
The new Flowery Branch City Hall could be completed by late December, with officials moving into new offices by mid-January. And they’re excited about the transition. “I’m particularly proud of the evidence room,” Police Chief David Spillers said. “We literally have a closet now...

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Smyrna will increase security at city buildings

April 6, 2017 - AJC | By Carolyn Cunningham
Smyrna city buildings will become more secure. The Smyrna City Council voted recently to award a contract to the lowest bidder LMI Systems Inc. for $137,318. Smyrna’s existing access control system will be upgraded in several city buildings and access control will be added in the remaining...

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Security Cameras: Meeting the Visibility Challenge of Large Facilities

Very large facilities, from school campuses and corporate offices to plants and large retail establishments, face a visibility challenge due to their sheer sizes. Staff cannot be everywhere within the facility, making it more likely for intruders to penetrate the perimeter—or for other problems to occur undetected. An increasingly practical [...]

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How to Use Video and Voice for Training and Security

March 1, 2015 - by Bill Zalud Audio integrated with video provides retail businesses with the ability to monitor, measure and react to service interactions, says Scott Goodwin and Nick Grace of LMI Systems. Organized retail crime. Crowd management. Emergency preparedness. Disaster recovery. Active shooter. Welcome to retail [...]

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